Unlocking the Secrets of AI Powered Marketing

Using Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Are you looking to grow your revenue by obtaining more customers without breaking the bank? Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly which marketing methods are working the best for customer acquisition, and then be able to deploy your spend better?


Well you have come to the right place! AI Powered Marketing specializes in Artificial Intelligence for marketing optimization that helps clients acquire more customers. The AI proprietary machine evaluates all the data acquired during the campaign, scoring leads and placing your KPI’s in an easy to understand format that provides ACTIONABLE information!

AI can be very confusing, but not with us helping you! Our turnkey platform uses AI to optimize marketing spend, leading to cost effective customer acquisition AND improved customer satisfaction.


Find out TODAY how your company can incorporate artificial intelligence with the AI Powered Marketing Platform. We take complicated and make it simple with AI! Contact us today for a FREE consultation and quote.

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What Will AI Do For My Company?

Increased Marketing ROI

Optimize Marketing Spend

Understand Channel Attribution

Drive More Sales

Decreased Customer
Acquisition Cost

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction


Why Work with
AI Powered Marketing’s Solution?

Turnkey Offering

While Artificial Intelligence is confusing, not with us! Our AI team will set up completely your campaign with data acquisition and evaluation, and then place all the KPI’s in an easy to understand dashboard. We do all the heavy lifting!

No need for additional personnel

AI Powered Marketing will assign a dedicated representative to oversee your campaign from A to Z. Additional personnel will take care of the implementation and customize it based on your specific KPI’s. This will NOT require you hiring any new employees!

Customized Solution

Not all clients need to use AI the same way. Thankfully, the AI Powered Marketing platform is customizable based on your customer acquisition and satisfaction needs. We will implement appropriate data acquisition that then allows for KPI’s and machine learning to optimize your marketing!

Customized KPI's and Reports

The data from your campaign will be evaluated by the proprietary AI machine. The customized output will be placed on your dashboard in an easy to view and understand format. You will be able to see the campaign progression on a regular basis.

Maximizes your ROI

Routinely, AI Powered Marketing improves client ROI for ad campaigns. By using the data to optimize ad campaigns, the client acquisition cost will decrease. This will improve your ROI, and make you excited that your resources are being spent appropriately.

Paid Advertising Integration

Part of optimizing your marketing spend involves knowing which ad channels are working the best. It can be very hard to know, however, AI Powered Marketing fully integrates aspects of your paid spend through the customer journey. This permits us to help you make statistically based decisions to reduce your customer acquisition costs by deploying your marketing spend better!

Social Media and Google Adwords Certified Specialists optimize the AI

AI Powered Marketing incorporates our Google Adwords Certified specialists along with Social Media gurus to optimize each campaign. This is a “done for you” part of the process, where our specialists place back end coding and call tracking numbers so we can figure out which aspects are converting the best.

Unlocking the Secrets of AI Powered Marketing