About AI Powered Marketing

We’ve come a long way since Henry Ford once said, “I know half of my marketing is working, I just don’t know which half!” There are plenty of methods that have been able to provide companies with an idea of what’s producing results when it comes to digital marketing.


However, nothing to date has been able to accumulate and analyze granular data from digital marketing efforts like Artificial Intelligence. Previous methods of detecting attribution success (what methods are working) have been able to provide answers from a 10,000 foot view. With AI Powered Marketing, you’re basically looking under the hood to get the answers!


AI Powered Marketing developed over a period of years as several evolving technologies broke through into real world usefulness. These include call tracking and recording, effective call transcription along with an artificial intelligence machine algorithm able to analyze conversations like never before. What’s been amazing is the machine learning aspect where the output not only provides actionable KPI’s, but they continue to improve over time!

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Our team of digital marketing specialists combined with data scientists to incorporate a turnkey platform that is customizable based on client’s various needs. Whether your company is publicly traded or a small business, AI Powered Marketing will help you gain immense insights using data you thought was previously unusable. And we will present it in a dashboard that is easy to understand, compare and use to make marketing and customer service decisions.


After a considerable proof of concept period, AI Powered Marketing has experienced consistent success in helping clients increase ROI by not only decreasing customer acquisition cost, but also increasing customer satisfaction. Our team will treat your campaign as if it was our own, with close communication from a dedicated representative and attention to detail.


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AI Powered Marketing’s mission is to assist businesses big and small to achieve marketing campaigns that are extremely cost effective using AI coupled with machine learning. This will allow businesses to accomplish more accurate attribution with a lower cost per lead along with improved customer satisfaction at the same time. These benefits will be accomplished using ethical methods that provide actionable KPI’s.

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